Membership Terms and Conditions


  • Members must agree with the statement of faith and guiding principles of Engage – SDG.
  • Members may give unlimited access to an unlimited number of their class leaders.
  • Members shall agree to not share logins to anyone other than leaders of the classes in their organization.
  • Members must be current on all of their membership fees.
  • Members have an option of dues on an annual basis or every 5 years.

Engage – SDG

  • Engage – SDG will provide login access to their secure website except when it is under maintenance.
  • Engage – SDG will provide at least 5 new Bible studies with video each year.
  • If Engage – SDG fails to provide at least 5 new Bible studies with video each of the first five years we will provide a partial refund for all 5 year members
  • Engage – SDG will to the best of our ability abide by our statement of faith and our guiding principles.
  • Engage – SDG will set membership fees based on the average weekly worship attendance.
  • Engage – SDG will be open to suggested challenging questions for Christians from its members.
  • Engage – SDG will maintain a Pastor Advisory Board of at least 10 members.