Helping Suicide Survivors

For the purpose of this website a suicide survivor is someone who has lost a family member or close friend to suicide.

When I person like myself survives a suicide of a loved one they go through a tremendous amount of grief, pain and loss. Sometimes associated with the pain are feelings of guilt, anger, doubt, loneliness, discouragement and bitterness. This Bible study and video, which is the personal testimonies of five people who lost their spouse or their child to suicide, are designed to help both survivors of suicide and the people who care about the survivor. As a survivor of suicide I would not recommend a fellow survivor do the study until they are able to accept God’s Word about what has happened to them. It may be helpful to watch the videos about “What did it do to your family?” and “Did you see any signs?” The ones “How did you cope? and The Church Can Help Suicide Survivors”  may be helpful as well.

For the friends of survivors you should do the Bible study and watch “What did it do to your family?” and “Did you see any signs?” which will give you insight into the thoughts of survivors and then watch “How did you cope?” and “The Church Can Help Suicide Survivors” to get some practical ideas on helping your friends through their loss. I would recommend that you do this as soon as possible after the suicide.

The Bible study will study the following items:

  • Godly Men Despaired
  • Suicide Occurred in the Bible;
  • God is in Charge
  • God Cares
  • God Answers Prayer
  • God’s Blessings
  • God Saves for Eternity

We are suggesting a donation of $20 to get access to the Bible study and videos. Donations in excess of $10 are tax deductible for the excess amount. If you wish to have a DVD of the material instead of a down load we are suggesting a donation of $30. Donations in excess of $20 are tax deductible for the excess amount for the of the materials.

For additional resources go to Surviving Suicide Resources