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We now have several Videos and Bible Studies Available.

We now have several Videos and Bible Studies Available.

  • “What is Love?” is a Bible study and Video that addresses the world’s and some people in the churches perception of God’s definition of love. Here are a few excerpts from the video.

  • “How to Listen Like Jesus!” is a Bible study where we look at how Jesus listened when He ministered to people. It also looks at some passages about listening in other parts of the scripture. It is important for believers to understand how important it is to listen if we are going to engage the world in a loving and caring way without compromising the Word of God. Here are some excerpts from the video

  • “Should Christians Engage In Politics?” is a Bible study and two videos which look at the Word of God to find out about a Christians role in politics in the modern world. Here are some excerpts form both videos.

Being Salt and Light

For the Sake of the Gospel

  • “Should Christians Expect an Easy Life?” In this Bible study we discuss the expectations that many Christians have that once they turn their life over to Jesus everything will be perfect. Is that really what the Bible tells us? Become a member and find out the answer.

  • “Helping Suicide Survivors!” In this Bible study and these videos we look at what the Bible says about suicide and the family members who survive the loss of a loved one.The Bible study will study the following items: Godly Men Despaired, Suicide Occurred in the Bible, God is in Charge, God Cares, God Answers Prayer, God’s Blessings, and God Saves for Eternity. The videos are the testimony’s of five people who lost their Christian loved ones to suicide. They respond to er four questions commonly associated with suicide survivors. Please see the excerpts below.

How Did it Affect your Family?

Did you See Signs?

How Did You Cope?

How Can the Church Be Helpful?

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